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The rise of telehealth mental health services in a post pandemic world

Aurora Healthcare introduces a new online psychology and psychiatry solution, Aurora Cloud Clinic.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have experienced heightened emotions such as fear, confusion, and isolation which has had a large impact on the mental health status of Australians (1). In a recent survey, as much as 50% of Australians reported a deterioration of mental wellbeing during the pandemic (2). As a result, there has been an increased demand for mental health services with many patients sitting in long wait lists.

Reduced face to face access has caused a shift in the health care landscape with telehealth appointments surging in popularity. Increased availability of telehealth services has improved mental health support access by easing the burden of wait lists. Telehealth has also provided a no-contact alternative to in-person appointments, a perfect solution for those unable to travel with pandemic related restrictions. In 2020, telehealth appointments increased by 50% (1) with the trend continuing into the post pandemic world. much as 50% of Australians reported a deterioration of mental wellbeing during the pandemic

Introducing Aurora Cloud Clinic

Aurora Healthcare has been a leader in mental health care over the past 16 years, with a network of private mental health hospitals and outpatient facilities across Australia. With the extensive network and available capability, Aurora Healthcare has launched the Aurora Cloud Clinic to serve the community and increase accessibility of mental health care to those who need it most.

Aurora Cloud Clinic is a telepsychology and telepsychiatry practice, focussed on delivering quality mental healthcare, online. The Aurora Cloud Clinic also has the benefit of being connected to our experienced private hospital network - including Currumbin Clinic.

The benefit of the Aurora Healthcare network for telehealth and hospital-based care

Aurora Cloud Clinic psychologists and psychiatrists are part of the Aurora Healthcare network that includes Currumbin Clinic. All patients seen by an Aurora Cloud Clinician can be assured of all-round care and access to programs such as transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy, mental health day programs or inpatient admissions.

Our Cloud Clinic clinicians can form part of multi-disciplinary care where adjunct therapies can be accessed to improve outcomes. For example, talk therapy provided by a psychologist can be combined with medication management by a psychiatrist. This support can also be extended with Aurora Healthcare allied health to provide dietary and exercise support when clinically relevant.

Making it easier for medical professionals to refer to mental health services

Due to the increasing demand for psychology and psychiatry services in the community since the pandemic – finding a practitioner for patient referrals in a timely manner has been challenging. Aurora Cloud Clinic features a fast online referral process, and currently has no waitlist.

If you are a practitioner looking for available psychologists for your patients, be sure to visit our referrals page.

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