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Do a quick check-in with yourself and consider the level of stress you may be currently experiencing. Do you think that you are experiencing higher levels of stress during the past 18 months with the advent of Covid-19 in whichever ways this is effecting you and your loved ones.

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Stricter controls and changes to patient admissions at our hospital (effective 20 August 2021)

In accordance with the latest government advisements, and in collaboration with public health, the decision has been made to introduce stricter controls for the admission of patients from across the Queensland border; to minimise the risk of COVID-19 entering our hospital.

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Covid Fatigue 1

Fatigue vs Resilience

In the current climate of COVID-19, life as we have known and lived it has changed dramatically and changed without warning. Whilst continually hoping that life will return to ‘normal’ our hopes have been dashed with each outbreak and subsequent lockdown.

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South-east Queensland lockdown ends 4pm Sunday, 8 August, 2021

Some COVID-19 restrictions will continue for the next two weeks in parts of South East Queensland.

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1,512 Inpatient admissions (FY 2021)
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12 Credentialed doctors
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8,108 Day patients (FY 2021)
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104 Hospital beds