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The rise of telehealth mental health services in a post pandemic world

Aurora Healthcare introduces a new online psychology and psychiatry solution, Aurora Cloud Clinic.

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Mindfulness in May

Discover how mindfulness can help you and your mental health journey today.
All it takes is 10 minutes a day.

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Mental health support; a post-flood priority for Currumbin Clinic

During or directly after a traumatic event or natural disaster, many will struggle to deal with feelings of anxiety, grief or depression.

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Wanting to take the next exciting step in private practice with a mental health industry leader?

Currumbin Clinic invites applications from interested psychiatrists to join its highly successful, onsite consulting suites supported by a dynamic and experienced team.

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1,512 Inpatient admissions (FY 2021)
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12 Credentialed doctors
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8,108 Day patients (FY 2021)
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104 Hospital beds