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Group Therapy

Group therapy is part of your  in-hospital admission. Our day and evening programs are part of our discharge process and give you the tools to manage your illness, and continue to stay well.

Mental illness affects people of all ages and from all walks of life. Each year one in five Australian adults experience some form of mental illness. Mental illness may be attributed to a complex mix of life events, social, geographic, cultural, family and socio-economic factors, combined with an imbalance in brain chemistry due to genetics or the environment.   

We have programs for the treatment of anxiety, depression, addiction disorders and the management of stress and anger.  Each patient has an individual treatment plan determined by your psychiatrist and in consultation with the treating team therefore your treatment at Currumbin Clinic may differ from another patient’s treatment.  

Experienced mental health professionals, with expertise in their field, facilitate inpatient, day, evening and follow up programs. A Doctor or treating Psychiatrist referral is required.