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Mental health support; a post-flood priority for Currumbin Clinic

During or directly after a traumatic event or natural disaster, many will struggle to deal with feelings of anxiety, grief or depression.

Here at Currumbin Clinic, we recognise and understand the importance of providing acute mental health support to communities during this time.

The unprecedented and widespread flood crisis across Queensland and New South Wales has impacted communities at large.

Research shows post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), psychological distress, depression, and anxiety is heightened in flood-affected areas compared to unaffected areas.

It's common for communities and individuals affected by a disaster to experience a range of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that can be overwhelming and confusing.

Currumbin Clinic CEO, Kate Cross encourages flood victims to seek access to mental health treatment and support where possible.

“We know these are challenging times as many communities struggle through the devastation.”

“Any natural disaster can produce deep trauma, both temporary and long lasting and so that's why early intervention is immensely important,” explains Kate.

“In these difficult times, we're here to help with extended, accessible mental health services and support.”

Currumbin Clinic offers a range of inpatient treatment options, day therapy support with outpatient appointments available. Our specialised team of healthcare professionals provide expert care in the management and treatment of acute mental health disorders.

Telehealth options

We are pleased to offer telehealth group therapy programs– over-the-phone or via video conferencing to patients in need.

In conjunction to group therapy, we have an experienced team of psychiatrists now available for telepsychiatry appointments via medicare item rebates for privately-insured patients.

If you are in need of private mental health support, please contact us today by phoning 1800 119 118.

Private mental health support for emergency service personnel

We offer trauma recovery treatment for emergency service personnel experiencing mental health concerns such as complex trauma or PTSD.

At Currumbin Clinic, we provide specialised treatment for PTSD, complex trauma, anger management and addiction in a safe environment with options for inpatient hospital treatment, as well as day programs funded by DVA Gold and White Card schemes to support individual recovery.

Day programs:

  • Mastering anger and effective communication
  • CBT for mood and anxiety disorders
  • Addictive disorders

3 week inpatient program:

Tailored for emergency service personnel and veterans who have PTSD, depression, anxiety as well as a dual diagnosis of substance misuse.

For more information about mental health support for emergency service personnel, please contact Currumbin Clinic on 1800 119 118.